Leadership Growth Series: Landing Page

“Leaders are merchants of hope”, said Napoleon. They know of a better place, a better way of life, and as they go there they inspire others to follow and make this hope a reality.  Biblically this is true.  And our world is in dire need of more such leaders!  But where will they come from?

Says Leanard Sweet: “Leaders are neither born nor made.  They are summoned.  They are called into existence by circumstances.  Those that rise to the occasion are leaders.” [i]

This 13-Week Leadership Growth Series aimed to develop and prepare leaders to lead with certainty and skillfulness from the heart. The posts will help you grow to become the type of leader that inspire others to realize these hopes. Look at this introductory video which gives scope to the Leadership Growth Series.

Below is the outline of our 13-week program.  In the introduction we give context to our discussion on leadership by asking: what is the nature of leadership? Then we delve into the core characteristics of leadership within our church context – fist studying it, then considering how to grow in it.  After that we consider the compulsion (the go-get-it attitude) required for strong, confident leadership.  After this we will look at three different sets of competencies (or skills) required in Christian leadership: facilitation and hosting, confrontation and care, then participation and activation within the wider community.  Lastly we consider the charisma or gifts God graces us with, and how to grow in it.

Do you recognize any area where you think you can grow as leader?  Then click on the link to see the introductory video and do the devotional study.

A 13-Week reflective devotional study A Biblical view of Leadership 
Introduction: growing leadership capacity Pathway to leadership growth
Context: What is leadership?
Leading small groups
Charismic (gifts) approach
Character approach
Competence (skills) approach
Compulsion (needs-driven) approach
Character: Growing in the Imitation of Christ
Candid (authentic) How to grow in being Candid
Compassionate (growing in love) How to grow in Compassion
Christlike humility How to grow in Christlike humility
Confident (hopefulness) How to grow in Confidence
Consistent (faithfulness) How to grow in Consistency
Compulsion: Growing in Responsibility
Conscious awareness of opportunities How to grow in Conscious awareness
Considerate to the needs of others How to grow in Consideration
Confident, bold, fearless actions How to grow in Confident actions
Courage, taking risks How to grow in Courage
Charge, ownership of the community How to grow in taking Charge
Competencies of a leader: Growing in Prophetic flow
Crowd (showing hospitality) – AWE How to hosting Crowds
Cause participation How to Cause participation
Charismata (facilitating Spirit-ministry) How grow in Charismatic gifts
Curiosity (asking heart questions) How to grow in Curiosity
Communion with God (Worship,Prayer) How to facilitate Communion with God
Competencies of a leader: Growing in Pastoral care
Care and Comfort the fragile How to Care and Comfort the fragile
Confront in love How to Confront in love
Challenge for growth How to Challenge for growth
Coach next steps How to Coach next steps
Commit responsibilities to others
Competencies of a leader: Growing in Evangelistic outflow
Core vision and values How to cultivate Core vision and values
Compelling communication How to communicate Compellingly
Connect to new people How to Connect new people
Community building How to build Community
Commission members in church How to Commission members
Charisma of a leader: Flowing in the Streams of Grace
Cultivating apostolic grace How to grow in apostolic grace
Cultivating prophetic grace How to grow in prophetic grace
Cultivating pastoral grace How to grow in pastoral grace
Cultivating teaching grace How to grow in teaching grace
Cultivating evangelistic grace How to grow in evangelic grace

Lastly, the cost of leadership is should be considered.

Where can you grow? Jump in today!

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