Pathway for leadership growth

“Leaders are merchants of hope”, said Napoleon. They know of a better place, a better way of life, and as they go there they inspire others to follow and make this hope a reality.  Biblically this is true.

Next week we kick off with the first phase of our Leadership Growth Series where we aim to do just that: help you grow to become the type of leader that – by your charisma, character, competence and compulsion (attitude) – inspire others to realize these hopes.

Below is the outline of our 13-week program.  Note the introduction where we dive context to our discussion on leadership. Then we delve into the chore characteristics of leadership within our church context – fist studying it, then considering how to grow in it.  After that we consider the compulsion (go-get-it attitude) required for strong, confident leadership.  After this we will look at three different sets of competencies (or skills) required in Christian leadership: facilitation and hosting, confrontation and care, then participation and activation within the wider community.  Lastly we consider the charisma or gifts God graces us with, and how to grow in it.

Shofar Leadership Growth Series - Phase1 2016

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