Asking in Jesus’ name (Prayer day 4)

Being aware of our flaws and failures can diminish our confidence in prayer.  But Jesus said we should confidently approach God for anything, knowing that the Father treats all those who are Jesus’ disciples on Christ’s merits.




  1. What is the main message in these lines of Jesus’ conversation with his disciples? (hint: look or the repeated word)
  2. Unpack Jesus’ instruction by answering the following questions:
    • What will the Father give?
    • What is the condition for giving it?
    • What is the result of receiving it?
  3. According to these verses, what is the Father’s heart towards Jesus and his disciples?

Personal Reflections and Application

We could easily feel shy to ask God for something because we are aware of our flaws and failures, fearing it will disqualify us from getting anything from God.  But Jesus said that we SHOULD ASK the Father for ANYTHING, and not fear rejection, because we approach the Father IN JESUS NAME’, not in our own merits but based on his perfection.

It is similar to being invited to watch the World Cup Final from the presidential box at Green Point Stadium and enjoy all the benefits for free, as long as you say “I’m with the president’s son”.  But praying in Jesus’ name to God we are not merely treated as Jesus’ friends; rather, our presence and prayers are as favorably received as Jesus’ own presence and prayers.

  1. As you close your eyes and pray, take note of your image of God. How do you see God?  Where is he in relation to you? What is his attitude towards you?  How does he respond to your requests?
  2. Now deliberately evaluate and realign your image of God based on this invitation of Jesus.
    • How will God the Father respond to Jesus’ presence and prayer?
    • As you begin to pray again, picture yourself walking in with Jesus, and picture Jesus introducing your presence and request to the Father. Picture the Father approving Jesus’ invitation and waiting for your request.
    • Now talk to the Father, share all your heart, bring all your requests, knowing you have his approval and attention.
    • Reflect on how this attitude and approach in prayer gives you confidence before God our Father.