Delight and desires (Prayer day 5)

Prayer is a means by which we both delight ourselves in God, and receive the desires of our heart.




To better understand this verse, let’s first ask some interrogative questions and secondly do one comparison in the Scripture.

  1. Interrogative questions:
    1. What is the promise in this verse?
    2. What is the premise (or condition) to the promise in this verse?
    3. What does it mean to “delight yourself in the Lord”? Say it in other words.
    4. What does it mean that “God will give you the desires of your heart”? Say it in other words.
    5. Why is it necessary to delight in the Lord before we get what we desire? (think relationally, like spouses )
    6. Why is it necessary to receive the desires of our heart from God? (think relationally)
  2. To understand HOW TO DELIGHT, consider Isaiah 62:4-5

“But you [Israel] will be called Hephzibah [meaning ‘delight(ful)’]
…for the Lord will take delight in you,
and your land will be married.
As a young man marries a young woman,
so will your Builder marry you;
as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride,
so will your God rejoice over you.”

  1. Who delights in who in these verses?
  2. What metaphors explains HOW God delights in his people?
  3. How does a bridegroom delight in his bride?


Personal Reflections and Application

God delights in us, and he invites us to enjoy him too.  Prayer is the means by which we enjoy communion with God and also by which we receive the desires of our hearts.  But the Old Testament stands as record to warn us that when the gifts of God are more delightful to us that the God who gives, our relationship with him and one another go wrong.

  1. In communion with God today, tell him
    1. What in his creation you love most.
    2. What of his miracles recorded in Scripture is most awesome to you.
    3. What of his character visible in Jesus his son you admire most.
    4. What of the promises in Scripture you hold on to most.
    5. What personal experience with him you cherish most.
    6. What of his gifts to you, you are most thankful for.
  2. Be bold and tell God plainly what you desire, and ask him to give it to you – in Jesus Name.