Talking to your Friend (Prayer day 2)

Our relationship with God can easily be reduced to whispering wishes to a well, or taking orders from a general, or making requests to the master of dispensary for provisions.  But when one studies the Bible one has to conclude that the best description for God’s relationship with the characters in the Bible is that of friend and companion.



Observation and reflection

  1. Considering these verses,
    • How does Jesus NOT want to relate to us?
    • How DOES Jesus want to relate to us?
    • Why?
    • Who initiates this friendship? (hint: who chose who?)
  2. Try to distinguish between a master-servant relationship and a mutual friendship relationship. How would such typical conversations differ? Flesh out these relationships:
    • What would a servant want to discuss with his/her master?
    • What would a master want to discuss with his servant?
    • What would a friend want to discuss with his/her friend?
  3. So, what does Jesus want from a relationship with you?

Personal Reflections

Jesus expressed God’s heart when he plainly said: “I CHOSE YOU, and I want to relate to you as MY FRIEND, not my servant.  I don’t only want blind obedience, but companionship!  I desire to share my heart, my life with YOU!”

  1. If someone would observe your conversations with God, how would he or she describe your relationship? Think of your typical prayers:
    • What do you picture God to look like? What does your face and posture look like when you pray?
    • What do you talk about mostly? And what do you hear God talk to you about?
    • How much of your feelings and thoughts, dreams and fears, experiences and expectations do you share with God?
    • Is your prayer time more about asking God for stuff, or more about being with him?
  2. How could your prayers change if your prayer time is considered as an appointment with your FRIEND?


Take time now and share your heart with God, and ask God to share his heart with you too. Talk about your passions, pleasures, plans and problems.  Then talk to God about his passions, pleasures, plans and problems.  Tell God what you love about him, and ask him what he loves about you.  Thank God for the reality of his partnership: that he is always with you.  Assure God of your partnership with him – that you will always walking with him too.




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