A platform for communion (Prayer day 1)

Too often prayer is viewed as a task to be done or a means of getting stuff from God only.  This Biblical reflection aims to re-frame prayer as life-giving communion with Christ our source.




  1. Note the repeated phrase “remain in me”. Suggest synonyms to flesh out the meaning of our active communion with Christ.
  2. Jesus likens our relationship with him as vine and branches. In your own words explain (a) what the inherent promise of remaining in communion with him, and (b) what is the consequence of not remaining in him. Why?
  3. What promise does Christ make to those who remain in communion with him?

Personal Reflections

Christ likens his relationship with us, his disciples, to that of a vine and branches: our very life is dependent on our communion with him.  If any godliness, faith and virtue is to come from us, it would flow naturally from our communion with him.  If, however, we neglect our communion with him, we become dry, lifeless, and fruitless.  Christ makes another promise to those who remain in communion with him: that of answered prayers.

  1. Honestly reflect on your own communion with Christ. Is it living, life-giving?
  2. Any relationship requires a platform; without a regular time and place to meet the relationship will not grow in depth and meaning. How and where do you enjoy communion with Christ?
  3. What “life” do you desire from your communion in Christ?


Over the next 40 days we aim to establish a richer, truer and more rewarding communion with Christ.  Take this moment now to tell Christ what you admire of his character and life, and what you desire for your times of communion. Also ask the Lord to tell you what he would like in and from your times of communion.  Do you have any other desires and needs?  Ask, and the Lord will give as we remain in him.

We look forward to the next six weeks of growing together in communion with our Lord!




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