PRAYER 7: God’s Protection – Seeking guidance and deliverance through prayer

The aim of this devotional study is to reflect on God’s intervention to guide and deliver a person in need.


Acts 12:1-11

Now about that time Herod the king stretched out his hand to harass some from the church. 2 Then he killed James the brother of John with the sword. 3 And because he saw that it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to seize Peter also. Now it was during the Days of Unleavened Bread.

4 So when he had arrested him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four squads if soldiers to keep him, intending to bring him before the people after Passover. 5 Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church. 6 And when Herod was about to bring him out, that night Peter was sleeping, bound with two chains between two soldiers; and the guards before the door were keeping the prison.

7 Now behold, an angel of the Lord stood by him, and a light shone in the prison; and he struck Peter on the side and raised him up saying, “Arise quickly!” And his chains fell off his hands. 8 Then the angel said to him, “Gird yourself and tie on your sandals’; and so he did. And he said to him, “Put on your garment and follow me.” 9 So he went out and followed him, and did not know that what was done by die angel was real, but thought he was seeing a vision. 10 When they were past the first and second guard posts, they came to the Iron Gate that leads to the city, which opened to them of its own accord; and they went out and went down one street, and immediately the angel left him. 11 And when Peter had come to himself, he said, “Now I know for certain that the Lord has sent His angel, and has delivered me from the hand of Herod and from all the expectation of the Jewish people.


  1. Upon reading this text, what would have been the most likely outcome for Peter had the angel NOT rescued him from prison?
  2. What measures did Herod take to insure that Peter does not escape from prison?
  3. Peter’s rescue from the prison was so 100% miraculous. List the things that happened in this account that would account for miracles.
  4. What do you think was the key in preserving Peter’s life vs James that died at the hand of Herod?
  5. Can you think of a view other instances in the Bible where prayer saved lives from death or destruction?

Personal Application & Prayer

  1. Have you heard testimonies of contemporary Christians relating miraculous deliverance and protection? List these instances.
  2. Do you yourself remember a time that God supernaturally guided and protected you from harm? Recall those events.
  3. Do you take this protection from God for granted or do you make a point of asking God regularly to guide and protect you?
  4. Where in your life do you feel you need to start praying for specific guidance and wisdom in order to not fall into the enemies trap?
  5. Is there an area in your life that you still experience fear or dread? Confess it before God and start praying for his deliverance, knowing that it is His will that you be set free from all fear.

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